Planning Ahead

Why You Should

planning aheadWe plan for every aspect of life. Having a family, vacations, weddings and retirement are all planned for. We prepare for what might happen such as fires, accidents, and illness. But because most of us are uncomfortable thinking about our death, we often avoid making important decisions about our final arrangements.

The loss of a loved one is never easy. It is a time of sadness and confusion when one turns to family, friends, and faith for solace and support. It is also a time when personal grief can be unnecessarily deepened by the distress of unanswered questions and the anxiety of making detailed arrangements. At a time when your family most needs to seek each other’s comfort, they will be seeking answers, sorting papers, calling attorneys and perhaps, worrying about paying for final expenses.

The Paquelet-Falk Funeral Home & Crematory offers a variety of ways one can prearrange or prepay for their final arrangements. Our staff will walk you through the options available, give you the best advice and let you choose what works best for your particular needs, especially when it comes to Medicaid eligibility.