Claus Ortwin-Johannes Altmann

Born: 07/14/1934 Passed:

Claus Ortwin-Johannes Altmann , 87, of Louisville, OH, quietly passed away in bed on the night of November 27.  Claus was born on July 14, 1934, in the village of Thiemendorf, near Naumberg, Germany, one of four children.  Greatly affected by his childhood wartime experiences, Claus was a contemplative and peaceful man.

Traveling widely as a young man, Claus entered the United States in 1955 and quickly became a citizen.  He worked for and eventually retired from the New York City Transit Authority.  Claus and his first wife, Annalies (neé Heitzelmann), spent much time in Germany, Switzerland, and Florida, until Annalies’ death in 1998.  In 1999, Claus married Mary Louise Spehar (neé Thewes) with whom he spent the rest of his life.  They traveled extensively in Europe and elsewhere, splitting most of their time between Florida and Ohio.

Claus is survived by his wife, Mary Lou, nine stepchildren, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren, as well as a nephew, Frank Altmann, other relatives in Germany, and several Heitzelmann nieces in Switzerland and California.  Always a kind and generous man, Claus enthusiastically  enjoyed his second, extended family, as they enjoyed him.

Services will be held at a future date.


3 Tributes to Claus Ortwin-Johannes Altmann

  1. Paula Waldron says:

    He was such a shining example of a loving, humble servant to all, who will be great in God’s kingdom. So sorry for the family’s loss.
    Love and prayers for all.

  2. DIANE THEWES says:

    Dearest family, Doug and I are very sorry for your loss of Claus. He was such a nice man. He fit right into our crazy family like he had been here all along. May he rest in peace. Love, Hugs and Prayers….

  3. Corie Schlesinger says:

    Dear Family of Mary Lou, I and my family are so very sad to learn of Claus’ passing. We all loved him so very much and had such amazing memories of time spent with him. The last time I saw him was in 2016 when he drove from Ohio to Niagra Falls to see me, my son, my sister, her husband and sons. My Father was Annalie’s brother and we spent so much time together. Uncle Claus was unbelievable to me when my husband drowned. He called, checked in often and sent hand written letters of support. I will forever remember his love, his gentle heart and his desire to see the world at peace.
    I am also so deeply sad to hear of Mary Lou’s passing so quickly after. Claus loved her so much and his life with all of you. We are sending heartfelt prayers for comfort and peace in this time.

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