About us

The Paquelet-Falk Funeral Home has proudly served the needs of Ohio families for 150 years. Established in 1867 by Stephen Paquelet, the foundation of our business was built upon offering families exceptional service during the most difficult of times. 

Our longevity is a tribute to our ability to adapt to an ever-changing world.
Along the way, we have grown and expanded our services to meet the unique needs of families from across our city, our county, state, and country.

Throughout the years the one constant has been the value we place in the families we serve. Funeral homes operate in the most unique of all business environments. We are called upon at a time when people truly need us and trust that we will be there to take care of them no matter the time of day. It’s all about the trust that a person places in you to help them through the most difficult day of their life.

In the end, all funeral service providers offer similar services and merchandise. The one difference is the people. Our compassion is sincere and our care for the families we serve is genuine. We live in an era that has seen large national chain businesses force the closure of small town family businesses. For us, a small, independent family-owned funeral home, it will always be about our families.

Helping families when they need us most is more than a business – it is the heritage and tradition that our family has shared for 150 years.

John and Frances Falk
Owners of the Paquelet-Falk Funeral Home & Crematory